Home Seller's Guide and Tools

  • Is it Time to Sell?: If you’re interested in selling your home or other property here on Hilton Head Island or in the surrounding areas we’d love to help. Dunes Real Estate is one of the most successful local real estate agencies and full service brokerages.

  • Preparing your Home to Sell: Knowing when to sell a property is difficult. Buying can be emotional and spontaneous, but selling is typically a mix of opportunity and necessity. The informed and thoughtful seller can benefit by some simple steps of preparation.

  • Choose the Right Listing Realtor: Choosing a Realtor may be the most important decision you’ll make when you decide to list your home. The right Realtor will be a partner, someone who you can depend on to help you make all of the other decisions that will result in you selling your property and receiving the price you want and need.

  • What is my Property Really Worth?: This is the famous $64,000 question. What is your home, your property on Hilton Head Island, worth? And the answer doesn’t have to be a complete mystery. You CAN know what your property is worth, the true current market value.

  • Marketing your Property: Marketing your home falls into two categories: all of the external things that will let house hunters know that your home exists and what its unique qualities are AND everything they see once they arrive at your Hilton Head Island property.

  • Evaluating and Negotiating Offers: If you’re working with a Realtor from Dunes Real Estate, you’ll be prepared for this moment. An offer is rarely, “I’ll pay you X dollars for your property.” If only it were that simple.

  • What does it Mean to Close on a Home?: Closing on your first home may be both the most exciting and scariest days of your life. If you’re prepared, it can just be exciting.

  • Why is my Home Not Selling?: This is not a simple question. If your property isn’t selling, isn’t even being considered by house hunters, then there could be more than one problem. We’ve seen it before.

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