Things to Do Before Selling Your Hilton Head Island Home

Selling your Hilton Head Island home is a big decision – sometimes it seems as though there’s a never-ending to-do list of what needs to get done before it’s officially closing time. And, as every home is unique, each might require different levels of time and effort to get it up to selling standards. From the inside to the outside of your home, there are plenty of ways you can help get your house sold quickly.

Keep reading to find out the best ways to prepare a house to sell. Or, contact Dunes Real Estate to get in touch with an experienced Lowcountry real estate agent.

Find a Hilton Head Island Real Estate Agent

The selling process can be a lot to handle, so finding the best real estate agent for you and your Lowcountry real estate needs is key. To pick the best agent, conduct research, ask for referrals from family and friends, find a local expert, and make sure that you like and trust them. 

Make a Great First Impression by Improving Curb Appeal

In real estate, first impressions matter a lot. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. It’s the first thing potential buyers see when arriving for a showing. The lush scenery and environment of Lowcountry, South Carolina real estate can be a big draw for potential buyers, so ensuring your yard is in great shape is key to preparing your home to sell. 

Take a walk around the outside of your home and assess any areas that may need some work. Is your walkway clear from overgrown shrubbery or are there any missing stones? Are your gutters clear from debris? Does the roof have missing shingles? 

Declutter All Areas

One of the best ways to show off your South Carolina home to potential buyers is to get rid of any clutter. Spend time removing any unnecessary items from countertops, tables, windowsills, etc. And, even check under beds, in closets, or cabinets as many buyers often look for what kind of storage your home offers. Plus, while you’re decluttering, it may make it easier to start packing and getting ready to move.

Depersonalize Each Room

Potential buyers love to be able to envision what it would be like to actually live in your home. To best help them create that vision, get rid of or pack up personal items such as family photos, some artwork, some decorations, or even some furniture. That being said, be sure to leave enough items out so that you can give buyers some ideas on how to use the space and so you can properly stage your home. 

Spend Time Doing Touch Ups

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter to potential buyers. Check all doors, windows, cabinets, hinges, and walls to ensure there’s no damage, squeaking, or dirt. Any stains or blemishes could deter some buyers if these little issues start to add up throughout your home.

Clean, Clean, and Clean 

It’s always worthwhile to clean everything, even if buyers aren’t going to look at every nook and cranny in the house. And, it often means a lot to buyers to know that the home is in good condition and that it’s been taken care of it over the years. Cleaning floors and any visible surfaces is key. Bathrooms should also be thoroughly cleaned, including bathtubs, sinks, and other dirt-accumulating areas. While in the bathrooms and kitchens, check to see that all faucets and pipes showerheads are in working condition and aren’t covered in excessive mineral deposits. 

Stage Your Home

Finally, after all the cleaning and decluttering, your home is ready to be staged to sell. Leave the space empty enough so that buyers can imagine their own items in that space, but filled enough so that they don’t have to imagine every single thing. Some great items to keep in place are a couch, dinner table, side tables, dressers, beds, etc. 

Selling a home can be overwhelming, but with an experienced agent and some guidance on what you can do to help the process along, you’ll be able to attract potential buyers and get your house sold fast. No matter the scale of improvements, anything you can do to make your home inviting and appealing to buyers will make a difference.

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