5 Reasons to Move to Bluffton, South Carolina

Bluffton, South Carolina is located in the heart of the Lowcountry, just before the bridge to Hilton Head. Bluffton sits along the water and in between lagoons and marshes, offering residents a charming and vibrant town, full of character with incredible views. 

Keep reading to find out why so many people are making Bluffton, SC their home. You can also contact the Bluffton real estate experts at Dunes Real Estate with any questions you may have. 

Unbeatable Location

Living in Bluffton puts you in an ideal location, just a short drive to Hilton Head Island and about an hour’s drive to Savannah, Georgia. And, the weather is optimal almost all year round with the coldest months hovering just above freezing and warming quickly to beach-going weather in the spring and summer. Plus, with the weather so great many months out of the year, you can spend your days outside on the biking or walking trails and at the golf courses. 

Fantastic Food

Because Bluffton sits so close to the ocean, you’ll find tons of fresh seafood at the restaurants here. Not only will you find great seafood and seafood restaurants, but also a wide variety of cuisines using fresh ingredients like Italian, Thai, Japanese, southern, and so much more. From charming breakfast cafes to upscale dinner spots, Bluffton has something for everyone! 

Plenty of Things to Do

With an ideal location and amazing weather, it’s no wonder there are so many things to do in Bluffton, SC! Perhaps the most popular thing to do is go golfing in Bluffton. The Bluffton/Hilton Head area is home to over 40 different golf courses, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges. You can also spend the day on one of the many trails that wind their way through the area, optimal for biking, walking, or even horseback riding! 

The Amazing Community

Bluffton offers residents a charming town with plenty of great areas and neighborhoods to fit everyone’s needs. Learn more about one of the most popular areas in Bluffton, Old Town Bluffton, and view Bluffton real estate for sale. Some other highly desirable Bluffton areas include Hampton Lake, Pinecrest, Belfair, and many more. Check out our Bluffton neighborhoods guide

Beautiful Bluffton Homes for Sale

Bluffton, SC real estate for sale offers beautiful homes surrounded by nature, overlooking the water, close to downtown, or more private. No matter the lifestyle you want to live, there’s a dream home for you in Bluffton. Browse Bluffton, SC homes for sale

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9 Reasons to Move to Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island is a scenic island with incredible beaches, golf courses, food, and tons of things to do. And, it continues to grow in popularity each year. People continue to move to the island so they can enjoy all the Lowcountry has to offer. So, what makes Hilton Head so special? 

Keep reading to find out why so many people are making Hilton Head their home. You can also contact the Hilton Head Island real estate experts at Dunes Real Estate with any questions you may have. 

The Variety of Communities

There are lots of incredible communities on Hilton Head Island that offer a variety of lifestyles to fit your needs. From oceanfront communities to communities in wooded areas with sprawling acres, there’s plenty of Hilton Head real estate to discover. Learn more about the communities on Hilton Head Island

So Many Things to Do

Hilton Head Island seems to have it all –  and it pretty much does! Not only are there great communities, food, and pristine beaches, but also many other attractions that make living in Hilton Head so desirable. From visiting historic sites to birdwatching to enjoying live music, there’s something for everyone here. Check out our guide on some of the best things to do on Hilton Head Island.

Mouthwatering Food

Not only is the scenery on Hilton Head Island out of this world incredible, but so is the food! At the heart of the cuisine here is fresh seafood, with many restaurants getting their ingredients locally. And, Hilton Head also has a wide variety of options to choose from including classic southern dishes, Italian, amazing breakfast food, and more. 

Fantastic Weather

Even though the summer months may be popular for vacationers, Hilton Head offers favorable weather all year long for permanent residents. In the winters, the island experiences a month or two of just above freezing weather, but it doesn’t last long! The summers are warm and humid, making it great weather for spending the day at the beach. 

Beautiful Beaches 

One of the biggest draws to moving to Hilton Head Island is the access to incredible beaches. Here, you’re just moments away from spending the day on a gorgeous sandy beach. All the beaches are public, though you’ll have to find public access spots on the island as many are private. Coligny Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches on the island and draws people from all over to take in the view and enjoy the waves. 

An Incredible Location

As if Hilton Head didn’t have enough to offer, the island sits about an hour’s drive away from Savannah, Georgia. Residents can take day trips to a big city and enjoy all it has to offer and then return to their Hilton Head oasis. 

The Best Golfing Around

Just as Hilton Head is known for its beautiful beaches, the island is also known for being one of the best places to live for golfers. On the island, you can find several championship golf courses and golf communities. And, you can even live in one of the South Carolina golf homes in Hilton Head to bring you closer to the action. Some of the most notable golf courses include Robert Trent Jones Course, Harbour Town Golf Links, and George Fazio Course. 

Stunning Hilton Head Island Homes for Sale

Hilton Head Island real estate is some of the most sought-after around. With waterfront properties, townhomes, single-family homes, villas, lots, and more, there’s something for everyone to make living on Hilton Head a dream come true. 
If you want more information about moving to Hilton Head or want to explore real estate for sale on Hilton Head Island, contact the Hilton Head Island real estate experts at Dunes Real Estate.