Hilton Head Open Houses vs Professional 3-D Interactive Tours

Are Open Houses A Thing of the Past or Still Important to Buyers and Sellers?

As I sit at my third open house this month, I have to wonder – are open houses a thing of the past considering today’s technology?  You may know that as a Realtor open houses are a great way for Realtors to connect with people and meet future clients, but how does it really help buyers and sellers?


How many open houses have you attended since you started thinking about purchasing a home recently, not counting just dropping in to see what your neighbor’s home looked like or to see a luxury home that peeked your curiosity?

If you are an experienced buyer, how have your strategies for “looking” at homes changed in the past several home purchases?

Why would you drop in an open house?

Interested in purchasing a home but you don’t have a Realtor yet?

Have a Realtor but didn’t want to have them show you the home privately?

Curious about the décor, layout or backyard to give you ideas for your own home?

Trying to meet different Realtors to see who you like? (like an interview)

Had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon?

The home is in a gated community that you wanted in the gates to explore without a Realtor?

And this list can go on – I’d love to hear what brings you through the door of an open house.

At Dunes Real Estate many of our homes have a professional, interactive 3D tour, which is amazing!

Such as this-

Try it, just use your arrow keys or “walk around” using your touch screen.  While this is no substitute for seeing, touching (and smelling) the home first hand with your Realtor when you are looking to purchase, do you think it would save you some time on a weekend afternoon instead of dropping into open houses?

Since the 3-D experience gives you such clarity in details and layout, do you feel like you can study each home more closely than you otherwise could on a day of touring 8 homes?  Would this help you narrow your search more comfortably and confidently?

While technology is greatly assisting those thinking of purchasing today.  Keep in mind, as you already know, it isn’t always accurate and doesn’t always show you everything.  A skilled, caring and trustworthy Realtor as your buyer’s agent is crucial to have on your side when purchasing a home.

Now to our Sellers

How do you feel about Realtors holding an open house in your home?

  •          Do you feel it brings more exposure to your home and allows more buyers to see it?
  •          Do you feel uncomfortable with people coming into your home without prequalification or representation?
  •          Do you question why people are visiting your open house?
  •          Do you know who visited your open house?
  •          Do you expect quality feedback from your listing agent to use in marketing the home?
  •          Do you feel that you need to hide your private valuable possessions and medicines?

As a Realtor that does hold open houses, I think these are important questions to contemplate and ask as a seller.

Did you take a look at the 3D tour?  Make sure you did.  Here’s a different one to try:

Do you feel that having a first-class, interactive 3-D tour of your home would reach even more people than an open house? It is connected to your listing on the internet, on many sites such as DunesRealEstate.com, Realtor.com and Zillow.

Do you see that utilizing this tour instead of an open house would keep out those who may not be prequalified to purchase, who are just looking for decorating ideas or want into your home for other reasons?

Would you share this tour on your social media with friends and family?  It’s a fun way to show off your home and can really multiply in views quickly reaching more potential buyers.

Do you think this interactive tour would put you a big step ahead of your competition and add value?

It is important for our clients that we stay current with today’s market, most of whom are using their phone, tablet or computer to help them search for a home.  The interactive 3-D tour is a sophisticated and valuable tool to share your home with many active buyers. Trust me, they don’t spend their Sunday’s looking at open houses.  I can assure there are better ways to enjoy the weekend!