The Shops at Sea Pines Center…

I attended a Grand Re-opening Celebration of The Shops at Sea Pines Center last night. All Sea Pines property owners were invited to see the newly finished entrance at the center and all the renovations of the current shops. It was like Christmas in October.

This was truly a grand affair and celebration with white cloth tablecloths and the works. Those in attendance enjoyed a fabulous complimentary oyster roast… yes we shucked on the white cloth covered tables or they shucked for you. The Lowcountry bar-b-cue, baked beans and slaw was cooked right there. A real Lowcountry event within walking distance to Harbour Town. Unbelievable ! Fresh pimento cheese, chicken salad, tuna salad, crackers, and homemade cookies made by the new gourmet market that will open October 24. I can’t wait. It made my heart smile to see in this day and time when all we hear on the news and read in the paper or on the internet is about how bad the ECONOMY is.

It didn’t look like Sea Pines was hurting and it made me proud once again to live, work and play in a fine neighborhood on Hilton Head Island that cares for humanity and successfully does so much good for the community with multiple charitable events. 

Last night’s event was all about rediscovering the good things in the heart of Sea Pines – The Shops at The Sea Pines Center at 71 Lighthouse Road.  

I stopped in to say hello at the Sea Pines Market and Liquor Store and guess what they are about to add to their Junior Johnson Midnight Moonshine! A distillery of their own is in the works. They will be making a Hilton Head Moonshine to be called Hilton Head Lemonade! Go to They told me it was a Hilton Head secret….. that’s right so now you know. The Halloween cat is out of the bag.

The party continues tonight in Sea Pines with entertainment by The Headliners…

Now that the secret is out ….

Be sure and make a trip for yourselves to experience the glorious fall weather here. And witness the migration of the Monarch Butterflies to our beautiful Lowcountry!

Hilton Head Alligators

Right after we hit the sunny beach, I often take my guests out to look at the local wildlife; alligators are always at the top of the list of everyone’s interest both on Hilton Head and Bluffton as well!  The beauty of watching the gator swim gently across the lagoon and sunning on the grass is a classic Low Country moment.  On Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton we continue to try to protect our unique natural resources, wildlife and habitat.  How can you help?

Do Not Feed the Alligators!

hilton head alligator

Have you seen the Hilton Head and Bluffton gators in a lagoon near you?  They are to be enjoyed from a safe distance, not as you see me holding my big gator here.  If you look closely, you will notice that he was taped and tied, and he was caught by a professional alligator catcher.  You may ask, “Why was he caught?”  My neighborhood gator was fed this summer by people.  This was training the alligator to come to people and expect to find food.  He began to identify humans with food, and when that happens, alligators become dangerous.  Sadly, the gator had to be removed.  You can help by not feeding the alligators and by teaching others about why they shouldn’t feed them. 

The gators are locals; they know where to go to find good fresh food without our help. Let’s just sit on our porch rocking chair and have a good time watching them.

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation in Bluffton, South Carolina

We welcome The Don Ryan Center for Innovation!

When most people think of Hilton Head, we think of exquisitely maintained golf courses, clean expansive beaches, relaxing properties and everything perfect about a vacation.  It is surprising that some of us do work here too, and we are proud to say we are ready for new business opportunities.

Debbie Lowman and I recently met Jordan Berliner who is the Director of The Don Ryan Center for Innovation at Buckwalter Place in Bluffton.  Jordan generously spent time with us explaining how The Don Ryan Center came about, the type of businesses it is focused on and how The Center plans to grow. We found an exciting new source of business opportunity beginning to root itself in Bluffton and Hilton Head.   The Don Ryan Center for Innovation is designed to support new technology company formation and development in Bluffton.  The Center is a collaborative effort between the Town of Bluffton and Clemson University and is well supported by other area businesses and locals.

Don Ryan Center for Innovation in Bluffton, South Carolina 

“Technology” has a lose definition at the Don Ryan Center for Innovation as you will see when you read about the new companies being fostered there; take a look at their website.

Thriving businesses will play an instrumental part in the strength of our community as we move forward.  If you are looking for somewhere to call home and start your new business or move your existing business, look no further.  You have found not only the perfect vacation community on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, but we are ready with your “Open for Business” sign! Give me a call or email me to find out more.  I’m all about business!

Something for Everyone on Hilton Head Island, SC.

Yep, these are just a few of the events that are happening on Hilton Head Island now, next year, and in the years to come!

First off there are pooch parades. If you love dogs and are a dog owner – you gotta   visit Hilton Head and bring your pet. Every day there is a “pooch parade” on the beach. It really is amazing how these pooches are like children and part of the family. Some of them act like people too!

The turtles are hatching and moving – getting their lives started on the beaches of Hilton Head and swimming to other shores. To catch that, you have to be at the beach at dawn’s early light.

Walking on the beach is like eating a box of chocolates – “you never know what you’re gonna get.” I saw a naked horseshoe crab last week. It’s common to see horseshoe crab shells without the crabs, but have you ever seen the crab without its shell?

For festival goers – coming up this weekend is the start of a 10-day Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival and Concours d’Elegance. It began as a 2-day event eleven years ago and has grown into a 10 day Fall extravaganza. Want to go or learn more? The details and full schedule can be found on

It’s what I tell my buyers every day…. On Hilton Head you can do as much as you want to do and spend as much as you want to spend, or you can simply do nothing and spend very little having lots of fun. Even watching the pooch parades!

By the way, we will be celebrating a big event next year for all of Hilton Head Island. Almost 30 years ago, the modern Hilton Head as we know it was just beginning. Of course, Captain William Hilton sighted Hilton Head in 1663. But it was not incorporated until 1983. And a big weeklong Birthday Celebration is in the works. That’s next year September 30 through October 5, 2013. The week will culminate in a “350/30” birthday party at Coligny Beach. Just so you know. Mark your calendars and plan to be here.

Sun City of Hilton Head

Today as I was visiting some of my family in Sun City Hilton Head, I dropped by Hot Dog Day at the Softball tournament. Hot Dog Day is every Tuesday during the softball season – when it’s not raining in Sun City. I was excited for all the teams and I didn’t even know anyone playing at that time! The crowd was really into the games and having a good time, cheering and shaking their cans – I mean the cans that they filled with things that rattled. I cheered for the orange team – they won! The teams played very seriously. But I think they were having fun out there on the field; they hit for the fence, ran all out and went for it on every play. There was even a call by the umpire that shook things up a bit because one player high-fived a player before he finished his run into home, at least I think that is what happened, the rule was “don’t touch the player to soon”!  Fun, fun, fun! Of course I enjoyed the grilled hot dog and the friendly folks serving them up who took the time to ask who I was, where my family is from, tell me why they love the Lowcountry and Sun City and crack a few Sun City jokes.    

I am still smiling after coming home! 

Every time I visit Sun City, which is quite a few times a week, I really feel the energy of the community. In Sun City, there are always people out doing something. For some folks outside the gate who have never been in, they just don’t understand how a 55 and over community could be so full of such a positive energy when I tell them about it. You have to see and experience the lifestyle in person to understand what I really mean.  

sun city hilton head

I could write for days about all the exciting activities that Sun City offers.  Really there is no need. Just call or email me and I’ll take you there to see for yourself what I am talking about.   Hopefully, it will be on a Tuesday and we can go to Hot Dog Day for more softball fun!

2012 Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance & Motoring Festival

I was invited to attend this year’s 11th annual Concours d’Elegance as a guest of WSAV-TV Station with Mary Amonitti, the former president of the Women’s Republican Party.   

This year the event paid tribute to Model T collectors. And for Ford Model T owners, this year’s honored auto, the celebration of the iconic car won’t end with the festival. For the next 5 days, about 30 Model T’s will tour Savannah. The visit will include a stop at the J.C. Lewis Ford dealership, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

This festival gets better every year. It started as a 2-day event in 2001 and has grown into a 10-day Island event. It kicked off on Hutchinson Island in Savannah before moving to the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island. It draws more than 14,000 people from all over the world.

This year’s theme was Americana, with the centerpiece event the Concours d’Elegance celebrating American made cars in classes including Imported from Detroit, American Classics and several eras of Ford Model T’s.

The Concours had a total of 23 auto classes on display, including Brass Era, Classic, Sports and Micro Cars. This event is not just an attraction for the gearhead, but for folks interested and wanting to learn more about history, including the history of the Model T.

In addition to all the traditional awards, Concours made room for the new, introducing for the first time an Honored Collector Award. The first ever title went to Frank and Milli Ricciardelli of Monmouth Beach, NJ. They have been committed to the Hilton Head Island festival and were rewarded for their dedication as well as for the quality of their vehicles. 

The Ricciardellis displayed four rare cars from their collection. The most special car that they drove to receive the award was a one-off 1939 Jaguar SS Coupe.

It was a fine affair. I was impressed with how collectors are so attached to their prized possessions and how they travel around the world so viewers can see them. Plus, how it’s done with motor coaches and all. It’s a different world. And if you missed it this year…. No worries….. you get another chance next year. The inaugural award is expected to return next year and trust me…. It’s worth the trip!

Perfect Days on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Well folks, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday enjoying time with family and friends that you don’t see every day. Sharing meals is biblical, not to mention the Pilgrims and Indians on the first Thanksgiving Day. President Lincoln declared a holiday to celebrate the fruits of hard labor and bountiful harvests and to provide a means for togetherness after the Civil War in 1862.

I read something that caught my attention and I wanted to share. “Don’t think of the things you didn’t get after praying. Think of the countless blessings God gave you without asking.”

Here’s another quote from Mark Twain that I’m sure you’ve heard or read, but somehow it bears repeating… “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

That’s what I did this morning while walking on the beach with not even a slight breeze and the sun warming my body. Today is the Monday after Thanksgiving… I found many treasures from the sea… a sanddollar, moon shell, lots of shells that are not normally on our beach, especially this time of the year.

On my way back I was reminded of what’s happening right next door to me. The demolition of the old Plantation Club House in Sea Pines making way for the new… THE GOLF CLUB – SEA PINES RESORT, opening in December 2013. The architect is Cooper Carry out of Atlanta, Georgia. The landscape architect is Wood & Partners from Hilton Head. The general contractor is Fraser Construction from Bluffton, South Carolina. The owner of the new club is of course, Sea Pines Resort.

So again, if you are sitting on the fence and have been looking for property on Hilton Head… you are missing the boat if you don’t buy now while the interest rates are unbelievable and the prices are right!

There is not a better place on earth than Hilton Head Island!

Home Buying Workshop at Moss Creek

Why rent when you can own a home on Hilton Head Island?

Stop by our Moss Creek office this Saturday, December 8th at Noon where Realtors Trish Weaver and Stacha Schiller-Stinson will answer this and other questions.

Come hear about:

  • Financing for many incomes
  • Historically low interest rates
  • Low to no cost closings
  • Police officers, fire fighters, EMS
  • Teachers, nurses, veterans
  • First time homebuyers

Reserve your seat now with Trish Weaver at 843-301-7501 or Stasha Schiller-Stinson at 843-338-4551.

Dunes Marketing Group’s Moss Creek office is located at the entrance to Moss Creek Plantation.  Use 1523 Fording Island Road, Hilton Head, SC 29926 in your GPS

Twas the Night Before Christmas on Hilton Head Island

Twas the night before Christmas on Hilton Head Island
The egrets were singing and the dolphins were smiling.
The clam hogs were set on the deck for the night in hopes,
That St. Nicholas would fill them just right.

The children were sleeping all snug in their cots,
With visions of hush puppies, shrimp and beautiful yachts.
And mom with her camera and I with my crab traps,
Had just settled in to view the sunset and have a little night cap.

When out over the marshes there rose such a commotion,
We jumped up on the dock to see what was going on in the ocean.
Down to the dinghy we went with great speed,
And rowed out several yards to see what was coming indeed.

The moon rose up in the sky all brilliant and bright,
It caused the water to sparkle just right.
Out of the shadows appeared a beautiful sloop,
With eight happy little elves ready to deliver some loot.

The captain was hearty and round as can be,
With a wonderful, big laugh that was as musical as the sound of the sea.
It had to be St. Nick and his elves coming on to shore
To deliver presents to all.

Now Daniel & Daisy, Hunter & Hailey,
On Martin & Megan, Adam & Ashley.
Raise the sails of your Fishes,
To carry these wishes into the night
And deliver them before first light.

As they sailed through the sky as busy as bees,
They deliver the gifts to the homes,
That are sheltered by Grand Old Pine Trees.

Now that the task is complete,
Old Santa in the Sea summoned his fleet.
Back to the sloop,
It’s time to regroup.

All hands on deck, hoist the sails tall,
Old Santa in the Sea his Elves and all.
As they lift to the sky and sail through the night
You hear Merry Christmas to Hilton Head,
And to Hilton Head Good Night!!

Ice Skating In Harbour Town

Ho, Ho, Ho…

The Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island is bringing something very special, unique and first time ever to Harbour Town this Christmas – an ice skating rink for ten days starting December 22 through December 31.

We have had unusually warm temperatures so far this December. At this writing early in December, it is 75 degrees outside! But, the Lowcountry winter is not going to stop this cold weather fun event.

An outdoor ice skating rink will be set up by Artificial Ice Events on a 40 by 50 foot rink on the lawn next to the Liberty Oak Tree that Gregg Russell has been singing under for over thirty years. 

The artificial ice is very similar to real ice, but is less slippery and less cold. Artificial Ice Events has set up similar rinks in Savannah and Myrtle Beach, but this is a first for Sea Pines Resort said Rob Bender, the resort’s recreational director.

The skating rink is only part of the annual holiday celebration of “Harbour Town Lights.”  Harbour Town is a “Winter Wonderland” with twinkling lights in shapes of dancing snowmen, helicopters, Santa along with his sleigh and reindeer, as well as dolphins, sea shells, turtles, starfish, sanddollars, etc.   

The skating rink is possible in the Lowcountry because of synthetic ice, which doesn’t require refrigeration. It will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The cost including the skates is .00 for adults and .00 for children ages 12 and younger. 

Hilton Head Island is well known for its charitable contributions since its beginning. This event is no exception. Donations for The Deep Well Project will be collected during the events. There are containers where canned foods and toys can be dropped off. Also, volunteers will be available to accept financial donations.

This is a chance for a lifetime of memories with skating in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island. I hope you will take the time to visit Harbour Town this holiday season where our signature red and white lighthouse is located year-round. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!