11th Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon presented by the Holy Family Catholic Church

Here I go again…have you heard the country music song, “Red Solo Cup, I lift you up…Let’s have a party…”?

There was no red Solo cup, but there was a party at the Sea Pines Country Club on Hilton Head Island this week. I lift my cup to the Ladies Guild of Holy Family Catholic Church for all they do for not only Holy Family, but for the community. The support from the ladies of the community was shining bright on that glorious afternoon.

It was a big party. Over 250 ladies were there! The 11th Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon presented by the Holy Family Catholic Church.

The newly renovated club was at its finest with Easter pastel table cloths and napkins. Father Art, priest from Holy Family Church blessed the food. Chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and green beans, rolls and pecan pie.

Danny, member of the local band The Headliners, performed to the top of his lungs as well as modeled fashions from the Sea Pines Golf Pro Shop. Models of all ages strutted on a New York-like red carpet runway delighting and entertaining all the ladies in attendance.

Fashions from Island Child in the The Village at Wexford, Palmettoes in Sea Pines Center, Doncaster Outlet in Pineland Station, and S.M. Bradford Company and Currents in Wexford and Harbour Town.

Bonnie Hallman, Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant, was on hand for information about skin care, color makeover appointments, sun protection products, foundation matching for sun-kissed skin, Pedi Parties, “Fountain of Youth” age-fighting parties and “Model Makeover” before and after parties.

There’s not a total on just how much money was raised for local charities yet. But, I’m sure it was a substantial amount to help those in need. One lucky lady paid ,600 for Orchid, our local celebrity chef at One Hot Mama’s to cook a meal for 20 at her home.

Let’s all lift our cup to The Ladies Guild of Holy Family and the Sea Pines Country Club for hosting this worthy party each year!

Marsh Tacky Horse Races on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Guess what’s happening on Hilton Head Island this Sunday, March 18, 2012? The Marsh Tacky Horse Races will be at Coligny Beach on the South End of Hilton Head. If you haven’t experienced this first hand, you simply must make it a priority on your list of things to do. You’ll be glad you did. Plan to bring your beach chair before 12:00pm to find a good spot on the beach and meet the horses, owners and riders before the races which start at 1:00pm.

I had never heard of them and I have lived in South Carolina all of my life until I just happened to be in the right place at the right time a couple of years ago while walking on the beach. I stopped and when I was told it was a Marsh Tacky Horse Race….. I asked “What kind of breed is that?”

They seemed like my kind of horse from the moment I laid eyes on them. I am a Carolina Girl and they are the Carolina Horse. I’ve always wanted a horse and this is just the kind of horse I’d want to buy.

The Marsh Tacky has survived over 400 years. They were used during the Civil War and WWII. During World War II they patrolled the South Carolina beaches looking for u-boats. Recently they were honored by being named the official State Heritage Horse of South Carolina in 2010.

And listen to this….Wanna know why they were called “tacky”? Because they were so common a long time ago. Think about that notion. They are descendants of the Colonial Spanish Horse that settled in the South Carolina swamp marshes. They used to do everything….Work and leisure. But now it’s estimated that there are less than 300 Marsh Tackies left according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

There is only a handful for sale in all of the United States. Moses is the name of one of the horses for sale. His registered name is “Marsh Mellow” and he’s 9 years old. His asking price is ,000. TACKY BLUE is another Marsh Tacky for sale. I’m told he is a stud and easy to ride! Sounds like a winner to me. He is available for ,500. If you want to know more or would like to help preserve the Marsh Tacky Horse, go to marshtacky.orgI’m sorry I’ll have to miss the races this Sunday….It’s a rare treat!

What’s In Your Hilton Head Island Beach Bag?

Before you answer this question you have to make sure that your bag has a logo on the outside. May we suggest that you choose one with: Hilton Head Island, Palmetto Dunes, Sea Pines, Camp Hilton Head or the Salty Dog. If you have one of these bags, you have arrived. Carrying one of these bags on the island or in states as far away as Texas generates easy introductions to various topics of conversation. (I’m getting off the subject a little, conversations is another topic)…

hilton head beach

Now you are ready to fill your beach bag with all the essentials that are needed for your trip to the beautiful pristine beaches of Hilton Head. Remember to pack your bag in such a way to retrieve the items as needed. Starting at the bottom of the bag place your water and snacks, then a great book and a deck of cards. Next place your Ipod (so that you can listen to music and not bother your neighbors), followed by your smart phone and camera. The next layer is for sunglasses, lotion and lip gloss. Then your adorable hat and last, but not least, your beautiful brightly colored towel.

Upon your arrival at the beach you pick out a prime location and unfold your color coordinated beach chair. Now you begin the task of removing the items in your beach bag and settling in to enjoy a wonderful day of relaxation. You are relaxed because of the wonderful weather and everything in your beach bag is placed exactly where you need it.

All you have to do now is place the key for your newly rented or purchased house or condo in the bottom of your beach bag so that you can retrieve it when you are ready to leave.

See you at the beach!

Hilton Head Island 2012 St. Patricks Day Parade

I think this year’s parade was the best ever. A friend and I arrived at Reilly’s on the South End near Sea Pines to have brunch before the parade. Believe it or not, we found a parking space right at the front door!

I should have realized “the luck of the Irish” was smiling on me right then and there. We planned to sit inside because of wind. However, we were seated at a table next to the Parade Dignitaries, Senator Tom Davis, Congressman Joe Wilson, Mayor Drew Laughlin, and former Mayor Tom Peeples, who were also there to enjoy the brunch buffet and celebrate.

Organizers estimate that more than 20,000 people were on hand along the parade route that started at Coligny Beach on Pope Avenue and ended at Park Plaza near Sea Pines. Our Hilton Head St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the Top 20 Tourism Events in the Southeast. A lot of Irish on Hilton Head all the time, but everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Many parishioners of Holy Family Catholic Church watched from the church grounds along Pope Avenue. Then enjoyed a Sunday Supper of corned beef and cabbage in the educational building provided by The Knights of Columbus.

This year’s parade had 103 entries including floats, cheerleaders, vintage cars, musical acts, adoptable animals from the Hilton Head Humane Society, seven marching bands from area high schools, and the popular Parris Island Marine Corps Band. The parade had a sponsor for the first time this year. Merchant Service Center provided ,000, or about half the cost.

People were still buying beads, green wigs, shamrocks, and Irish flags after the parade was over. The restaurants along the parade route enjoyed a very good day and one of their busiest days of the year.

Oh, how could I almost forget the Shriners that raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children? Last year they raised .00. This year they were hoping for ,200.00. They probably made it!

Handleys Famous Hilton Head Baby Back Ribs

We currently have two grandchildren: Nicholas, 11, and Ellie Glenn, 8. We mentioned to them that we were writing blogs for the Dunes Marketing Group. Nicholas and Ellie Glenn said they would love to help. We asked them to write a letter telling us what their best memories are of Hilton Head Island. As proud grand parents; we are assuming that you would love to read what they wrote…

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, How are you? My tadpoles have become frogs! Their names are Madeline and Firework. I feed them crickets and worms everyday. My best memories of Hilton Head Island are swimming, the dolphin tour, visiting Lawton Stables in Sea Pines to pet Casey, the deer, and ride Romeo the pony. I also like going to the top of the Harbour Town light house. Love, Ellie.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Here are a few things that I enjoy on Hilton Head Island. I love going to the stores at Coligny Plaza, the wonderful beaches and going golfing with Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Tony. My best memories are fishing down at the boat docks in Long Cove, the dolphin tour, staying at Harbourside III and your great ribs! This year I was hoping I could bring one of my best friends, Ryan, to taste some of Grandpa’s Ribs. Love, Nicholas

Speaking of those Baby Back Ribs…

hilton head island baby back ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Dry Rub

1 c. Light Brown Sugar 1/4 c. Freshly Ground Black Pepper
1 T. Granulated Garlic 1 tsp. Lemon Pepper
1 T. Granulated Onion 1 tsp. Rubbed Sage
2 tsp. Celery Seed 1 tsp. Thyme
1/2 c. Paprika 1 pinch Cayenne
1/4 c. Chili Powder

Combine all the ingredients, and coat the 2 rack of ribs with the mixture; marinate for a minimum of 5 hours. Preheat the grill to 250 degrees. Grill the rigs low and slow over indirect heat for a minimum of 2 hrs. Turn the racks every twenty minutes. When the tender ribs break apart they are done. While the ribs are grilling; prepare the sauce.


1 pt. Ketchup 2 T. Salt
1 pt. Cider Vinegar 1/4 c. Worcestershire sauce
1/3 c. Honey 1 T. Minced garlic
1/4 c. Molasses 2 T. Black pepper
1 T. Cayenne  

Combine all the ingredients and cook for 15 to 30 minutes over a low heat, stirring occasionally. When the ribs are done, slice and coat them with sauce, and serve with additional sauce if desired.


Heritage PGA Tour Golf Tournament Bicycle Friendly in 2012

Thanks to cooperation between CSA-Sea Pines Plantation, the RBC Heritage tournament and the Hilton Head Island Bicycle Friendly Advisory Committee, access to the tournament by bicycle this year will be as easy as showing a ticket/badge.

“We are happy that accommodations were made to make this event easy to access by bike,” said Frank Babel, co-chair of the Advisory Committee.  “We’re predicting this will be popular, especially among residents on the island and visitors who are bicycle enthusiasts.  It also has the potential to ease car traffic congestion.”

Bikers should show the officer a valid ticket for that day’s event during the hours of play. After accessing the gate(s), signs will direct bikers to bicycle parking, which will be located conveniently close to the main tournament entrance in Harbour Town.  New signage has been designed to assist the marked bicycle pathways to the tournament.

Bicyclists are advised to remain on the bike paths at all times and may bring their own lock for self-parking on designated racks, with volunteers available to assist.

For more information contact Sea Pines Security 843-671-3000/671-7170.  RBC Heritage dates April 12 -15, 2012

2012 Heritage Golf Week in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island

Unless you have your head in the sand, you know that one of our good ol’ boys won the BIG ONE last Sunday … The Masters at Agusta National in Augusta, GA. Bubba Watson, a Georgia boy, won big and moved himself to the # 4 rank in the golfing world. What was so surprising to me was the fact he never had a golf lesson in his life. He just goes out and plays and has a good time.

We are in the middle of Heritage Week on Hilton Head Island. The RBC Heritage of Golf presented by Boeing is in its first year of sponsorship of this great tradition in Harbour Town at Sea Pines. Boeing just opened a new plant for their 787 Dreamliner in neighboring Charleston, South Carolina. For those in attendance at the tournament or in Harbour Town Friday at noon, there is a flyover scheduled to introduce the new 787 Dreamliner by Boeing. The golfers are going to pause play during the flyover.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Heritage. Whether walking the golf course following your favorite golfer, finding a prime viewing spot from a skybox or golf course front home/condo sitting on the 13th or 18th or 1st or wherever you may roam, if you are on Hilton Head Island you will feel the excitement. You can watch from the comfort of your home on TV. The Golf Channel and CBS will have live coverage thru Sunday.

Gregg Russell is starting his 36th year singing under the big oak tree in Harbour Town for the Heritage. The golfers bring their kids to listen to Gregg Russell and to play on the Harbour Town playground. It’s a special time for the pro golfers and their families. Many have said coming to Hilton Head Island renews their spirits and rejuvenates them. With its iconic lighthouse, Harbour Town was voted the PGA Tour’s favorite regular annual venue. They love coming here. It’s a great family event founded in 1987 that raises money to help local charities on the island.

A special sunrise service will be held on the 18th green at 7:30 am Sunday and it’s open to the public.

Last year, Brandt Snedeker rallied to a playoff victory in Harbour Town. Eleven golfers in the invigorated RBC Heritage field have ties to South Carolina. Here’s hoping someone with Southern Roots like Boo Weekley, Kyle Stanley, Tommy Gainey, or Lucas Glover comes out on top again on Sunday!

Hilton Head Island Real Estate has Bright Future Ahead

While no one has a crystal ball, when it comes to predicting the future value of real estate, a few fundamentals apply. One of the most obvious is that people will always be drawn to Hilton Head Island. The beach, golf courses, tennis courts, marinas and other desirable elements, including temperate weather, moss-draped oaks, lush foliage, abundant wildlife, spectacular sunrises and moonbeams over the Atlantic attract millions of visitors each year.

We have taken great care to preserve the natural beauty and charm of the Lowcountry while providing all the comforts and conveniences of a resort lifestyle in a small town ocean oriented environment. For those who choose to live, work, retire and/or vacation here, the ongoing value is unquestionable.

Whether the real estate market on Hilton Head Island has reached the very bottom or not remains to be seen. What is a firm reality however, is that there are bargains to be found. The significant number of valuable properties available at a discount from their previous price is a unique opportunity for those looking to buy a piece of paradise. But, the inventory has been reducing dramatically since our highs of several years ago, and transactions are picking up. As you can imagine, the best property sells first, i.e., the best view, price, condition, etc. Waiting even a few months may mean an opportunity missed. If you are in a position to buy and you have a long-term view, now is the time.

Hilton Head Golf is Swede for Petterson at 2012 Heritage Tourny

I attended the RBC HERITAGE Golf Tournament Presented by BOEING and was delighted to see and feel all the new excitement in the air. It’s true that you don’t know “what you have” until you “don’t have it anymore.” After almost the last rites of the Heritage last year, then the uncertainty of finding another sponsor and then our heroes RBC and BOEING saving the HERITAGE GOLF ON HILTON HEAD ISLAND. I compare it to being diagnosed with cancer, going into remission, and then diagnosed cancer free. A brand new start! Our Heritage got a new lease on life and it showed big time in Harbour Town this past week. We are looking forward to next year already. I not only believe in miracles…. I count on them… and Hilton Head Islanders, South Carolinians, and golf fans all over the world got a miracle this week.

2012 heritage golf tournament hilton head island sc

Especially Carl Petterson, the Swede that finished on top in the Hilton Head Island RBC Slam. There was no drama or strong winds. No question about it, he had control all week shooting a round of 69 on Sunday leaving him with a 5 shot victory, his 5thPGA win and ,026,000 in his pocket for the day! I’m sure he’s thinking HOW SWEDE IT IS.

I cannot get over watching the new found energy and the wonder of the fresh breath of excitement as I worked at the Hilton Head Island Multiple Listing Service Booth on the Harbour Town 18th green. Fans passing by like in an Easter Parade, smiling, laughing, watching golf, and just literally enjoying life. Young and old alike, some proudly dressed in the Tartan Plaid. Even plaid sunglasses were being sported by Yvette Acuff, head of Hilton Head Island Multiple Listing Service.

Also, as I later sat in a boat with the sun glistening like diamonds across the water, dolphins bobbing up as if they were watching the golfers, people tailgating on their yachts, I said a little prayer of thanksgiving for the beauty of our island and the people that make it beautiful here.

Although we didn’t have the excitement of Bubba Watson’s win at the Master’s nor did a local guy with Palmetto roots win….. we were all winners this week in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island and know how blessed we are to live here.

Hilton Head Zipline!

Is it a plane, bird, Super Woman? Yes, it’s Dunes Marketing Realtor, Erline Smith, zipping through the canopies of live oaks, loblolly pines and a Peter tree. You’ll have to go zipping to discover just what a Peter tree is, but it’s there and zipping is worth every penny it costs…

hilton head zipline

…which, by the way, is .00. Zippers must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 80 pounds and 250 pounds. You MUST wear closed toed shoes, long pants, if long hair in a pony tail holder under a hard hat….. They gave me an extra cushioned hard hat because I had earned the name “Trouble.” My reputation preceded me it seemed. I was asked my favorite cartoon character and out of the blue, I said “Boo Boo” – you know Yogi Bear’s Boo that just waits on someone else to find the honey and the picnic basket!!! Well, today I got the whole nine yards……  a picnic basket with honey over flowing with knowledgeable guides, Nikki (married to a Marine living in Beaufort) and Aaron, a handsome young man originally from Ohio that was a pretend Navy Seal just for me!

Zipline Hilton Head opened its service last week on April 17. They have had a very promising, busy beginning for their first week. I picture it as becoming one of the major attractions in the Southeast. They are in the baby stage, but doing very well. Under the management of Pam and Roger Freedman, their office is located upstairs of Up The Creek Pub at the Broad Creek Marina off Marshland Road near the Cross Island Parkway toll bridge. They have put a tremendous amount of thought, planning, organizing, hiring and training into this new adventure on Hilton Head with more to come in the near future.

Safety is first and foremost. Zippers are carefully attached to each zipline by the qualified guides. There is a guide in front and a guide at the end. Zippers are required to remove dangling jewelry. A bag is provided and kept in a safe place while you zip. Don’t forget the closed toe shoes. Flip-flop wearing zippers are directed to Walmart to pick up appropriate shoes for safety. I imagine they will soon keep shoes on hand as they grow as well as a professional photographer to capture pictures.

Each of the seven ziplines provided a new adventure and different scenery. Sun sparkling like diamonds off of Broad Creek, dolphins, birds, just simply learning about the nature of the island from each landing….. I say….

Don’t wait…… Don’t be late…… go zipping!!! You’ll be glad you did!!!! It’s not as scary as I thought it would be, but it was definitely more fun than I thought it would be. I’m ready to zip again as soon as I can!