Kyle Stanley wins in Phoenix – Berkeley Hall Celebrates

Well, nobody thought it would happen this quickly but Kyle Stanley bounced back from a painful 18th hole disaster at Torrey Pines last weekend and won the very next Sunday in Phoenix. Kyle plays out of Berkeley Hall in Bluffton and many of us in the Hilton Head Island area were feeling bad for him last week but we are celebrating big this week thanks to his outstanding comeback. The day started with Kyle trailing by eight strokes, then he shot a bogey-free 65 and secured his first win when poor Spencer Levin finished with a 75. Now Spencer’s looking for his first win. Sundays on the PGA Tour with the lead can be hard work unless your name is Tiger something or other.

I love the irony that Kyle drained virtually the same 4 foot putt to finish this week off to win that he missed last week. Talk about redemption. I’ve heard him say in a few interviews that he tried to have a short memory. It is wonderful he turned it around so fast…those doubts and demons can find a comfortable place to sit in your head and come out at the most inopportune times. Now he can rest in the knowledge he can do it when he has to. I always felt that’s why the aforementioned Tiger was so good…he was used to pulling it off when he had to…his memories up until the last few years on the golf course were being the hero…being Mr. Clutch. Everyone thought Tiger would make the shot or putt when he needed to, especially him.

To say Kyle Stanley has arrived is an understatement. The Golf Channel has been talking about him for 2 weeks now. It’s the feel-good story of the year and it’s only February. In my blog last week I predicted Kyle would win. I even added a “sooner than later” clause. Well, I’m going to sacrifice my 1 for 1 record and say I expect to see our Mr. Stanley win at least one more this year…he had shown us his physical skills before this weekend. Now we know he’s got it mentally too. Thank you, Kyle. We’d had a lot of fun watching you and we’re proud of our Hilton Head Island area Touring Golf Pro.