Chris Walton

Chris Walton has amassed a library of memories living in Hilton Head. When he was a kid, every day was a chance to explore the island. Sometimes he'd go down to the beach, tie a piece of chicken to a string and catch a dozen or so blue crab to take home and steam up. Other times he'd play golf after supper on one of the world-class courses. He even worked at the Harbour Town Golf Links where he saw such greats as Arnold Palmer play. For Chris, that's what life in Hilton Head is all about making every day a memorable experience.


Today, not much has changed and that's exactly the way Chris likes it. Although he's seen the area grow quite a bit from the time he first came here, the atmosphere is still as relaxing as ever. It still holds a special place in his heart when he fires up his boat and heads out for a day of fishing for cobia or redfish. Every time he sees the sun come up over the horizon or a dolphin comes up to his boat, it' an awesome experience. "As soon as the boat leaves the dock, my spirit lights up and I feel free," Chris says.


As the son of a developer, Chris got a taste for good entrepreneurial sense at an early age. When he decided to partner with his father, it didn't take long for him to branch out on his own. After setting up a successful management company for a real estate development in Ohio, Chris knew immediately that his business skills would be better suited in the area he was truly enthusiastic about. Now Chris is using his local knowledge to help others experience the opportunities he has spent a lifetime enjoying.


Chris' reputation as one of the area's most sought after real estate brokers is defined by his ability to help his clients make their move a memorable experience. For him, that doesn't just mean being savvy about the industry and providing advice to ensure his clients make a smart investment. It's also about offering a local's perspective and having a wealth of information that not many can match. Itâ's this unique and rare combination of attributes that makes working with Chris unforgettably rewarding. Whether clients are relocating locally or making a long distance transaction, Chris goes the extra mile to not only help them find the perfect residence, but also help them get acclimated to the area. From knowing the best restaurants to recreational amenities, he prides himself on having a network of resources to help make the process a positive one. For sellers interested in the maximum return, he draws upon his extensive real estate expertise to deliver the results they want and deserve. When it comes to buying or selling a home, work with a professional who knows there's no substitute for insight, passion for the lifestyle and, above all, experience. For Chris Walton, that's what a successful move is made of. Call him today for a free consultation.