Photo Shoot Example

Selling your Hilton Head Island or Bluffton Home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. And like you, we won’t take it lightly. To maximize your chances of selling your home quickly and for the best price, your home has to make the best first impression possible. That’s why photography and staging are so important. Staging is the entire process of preparing a home to go onto the market, and ensuring buyers view it in the best light – literally. Staging entails everything from landscaping to interior design to rearranging furniture and fixing small things that would draw attention to them. Like staging, your home’s photography should have one goal, to draw attention to its greatest assets and create a lasting first impression that makes other homes an afterthought. Even in a seller’s market, the right photography is essential to maximize the buyer’s perceived value of the home and your chances of commanding the highest price.

Here you will find an example of a full run of professional photos from a recent Hilton Head Island property shoot. Notice the variety of shots and angles, the attention to lighting, the framing of each shot and more. Our photographer takes the time to capture what is special about each property in a variety of ways and truly cares about providing exceptional representation of your Hilton Head Island or Bluffton home. While real estate agents are limited in the number and places where additional photos can be used in the multiple listing service, which feeds property information to the real estate websites you see, we know how and where to use these extra photos to augment dedicated listing websites, create custom print pieces, market-specific aspects of the home to select audiences on social media, and more. Put simply, when no stone goes unturned to showcase your home as it should be, the outcome is a better sales experience.

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38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0001.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0004.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0007.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0013.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0018.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0022.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0033.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0046.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0074.jpg

38 Fairway Dr_Bluffton_0079.jpg

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